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Welcome to Tom and Jerry is a very successful animation with the two main characters of Tom, a cat, and his partner, a mouse. The stories happened between these two lovable animals are very interesting, not matter how intense and heart-provoking the scene is, Jerry knows he will be safe, while the pity Tom is always the loser who often suffers from some injuries. Jerry is very smart, while Tom is awkward but cute. The stories happened between the smart mouse and the clumsy cat are as good as those between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Between them, there are not the bully and the pity, but some conflicts and conventions between two neighbors, for example, the little Jerry stole Tom's cheese and Tom put a mousetrap in front of the entrance of the hole where Jerry lives, and the like. In the story, there are also numerous hoaxes and humorous scenes which bring the audiences innocence and happiness. Occasionally, the relationship between them changes dramatically: they are sometimes friends but sometimes opponents. When they are opponents, they fight each other for even a little thing, but when they are friends, they regard the other as a brother. This website bears a relative collection of games about Tom and Jerry, in hope of bringing happiness to you. If permitted, please recommend our website to your friends. Thank you very much.
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